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Snow continues to disrupt British travel

Snow continues to disrupt British travel

Snow across southern England will continue to disrupt travel today, with the Met Office forecasting a further downfall.

Airports across the country are struggling to deal with a backlog of passengers following disruption over the weekend.

London Heathrow Airport, while open, has seen a string of cancellations, with British Airways operating a fraction of its planned departures.

A statement from BA explained: “We are operating a small number of short-haul flights this morning [from Heathrow] but due to the severe restrictions to flights at the airport all short-haul flights after 12:00 have been cancelled.

“We would urge customers not to travel to the airport unless they have a confirmed booking on one of the flights that is operating.”

A similar picture is expected to greet passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport, where knock-on delays and cancellations are likely to cause disruption throughout the day.

“Bitterly cold” weather is forecast across the country.

The lowest temperature recorded overnight saw the mercury fall to -19.6C in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.


Stansted, Luton, Exeter, London City, Bristol and Southampton airports all confirmed flights would be subject to delays and cancellations.

Airports in the north of Britain – including Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh – are, however, comparatively unscathed, with operations returning to normal.


Worryingly for those looking to begin the annual Christmas getaway the Met Office is forecasting a prolonged period of cold weather.

Forecasters expect snow to affect parts of southern England and south Wales moving into the week, with the risk of up to 20cm of fresh snow over the high ground of south-west England and south Wales.

Met Office chief forecaster, Steve Willington said: “There is the risk of further snow across parts of southern Britain tonight and through tomorrow.

“Snow, combined with widespread ice and freezing temperatures will lead to the risk of significant disruption through Monday.”

Across Europe

It is not just Britain which has been hit, with heavy snowfall taking a toll across the continent.

In France, authorities are preventing all HGVs and coaches from using the roads in north of the country and the greater Paris area, while car travel is also “unadvisable”.

Coaches arriving in Calais are currently being held on arrival until French road restrictions are lifted.

Air and rail services are also affected, with passengers urged to contact travel operators before setting off.