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Signature announces mobile app: Pocket Travel Consultant

Signature announces mobile app: Pocket Travel Consultant

The Pocket Travel Consultant will be simultaneously released in both Apple and Android application formats on November 21, 2011.

Karen Yeates, Vice President of Technology, said: “We’re so excited to announce the release of this new innovative tool, Pocket Travel Consultant. This user-friendly app has been designed to meet the needs of our members’ clients in this increasingly mobile world. Indicative of its name, members’ clients will travel as if they have their travel professional at their side, on demand, 24/7, even while traveling internationally.”

The Pocket Travel Consultant will be available to Signature member agencies’ clients for use during both the planning stages and while traveling. The thousands of pages of content will include detailed destination information – accommodations, dining, history, entertainment, fun facts, maps, etc. – plus customized trip planning resources for Signature members to utilize with their clients. Agents will have the opportunity to create a trip itinerary and send it to their clients via the app. Clients will be prompted to download the trip plan that will include selected cities and other customized suggestions prior to departure.

The app is fully customized with member branding and consultant call to action. It will require a login from clients in order to reinforce the relationship between travel consultant and client. Plus, all content is available off-line so that clients don’t have to be concerned about expensive cell phone access charges while abroad.

Signature Travel Network provided a preview to individuals at the Owners’ Meeting, and will provide full training and implementation at the Signature Sales Meeting in November and the Regional Council Meetings next spring.


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