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SATA launches check-in kiosk service at Lisbon Airport

SATA launches check-in kiosk service at Lisbon Airport

SATA passengers now have yet another way to “check-in”, there are now “self-check-in” kiosks installed at Lisbon Airport.

Starting tomorrow, SATA customers will have at their disposal yet another way to “check-in”, now through various kiosks that are installed at Lisbon Airport.

This new service of SATA allows passengers, through these “self-check-in” machines, to control the entire process of data entry themselves, without third party intervention, which will bring advantages, with an emphasis on speed and autonomy in obtaining a boarding pass.

The “check-in” kiosks, which are installed in various locations at Lisbon Airport, are available for SATA flights from now on, in this way granting greater proximity and autonomy for the passenger, in addition to avoiding the traditional queues for check-in associated with the traditional system.

For this new model of “check-in”, SATA provides specific support through its employees who will be on hand to help overcome any difficulties that may arise for passengers who opt for this new method of getting a boarding pass.


Through this new “check-in” service, which is now available to SATA customers, the passengers themselves, in the period between 48 hours and 1 hour before the flight, can choose or change their seat on the plane, enter information from their frequent flyer card and get their boarding pass, and should, where applicable, deliver their luggage to the counter made available for this purpose.

The “check-in”, which can now be done at kiosks at Lisbon Airport is available for all routes operated by SATA, although, similar to what happens with other forms of electronic “check-in”, for certain types of passengers, printing a boarding pass is subject to conditions.

Limitations in the printing of a boarding pass relate to student passengers, whose fare requires proof of attendance at an educational institution; to residents travelling between the Azores and the mainland and when at the start of a trip, due to the need to confirm this status; and finally, to those traveling U.S., Canada and UK routes, on flights departing from Ponta Delgada, for reasons related with the security procedures for these countries.

Notwithstanding the limitations that are imposed on these passengers, the whole “check-in” process can nevertheless be done at these kiosks, with the boarding pass being collected afterwards, at the counter available for these cases.

The first phase of the implementation of this new electronic “check-in” model, which begins tomorrow, includes only Lisbon Airport, with the month of September foreseen for the extension of this service to the airport in Ponta Delgada.

SATA, through intense technological development activity and innovation in their services, now offers its customers other electronic formats for “check-in”, as in the case of “Mobile check-in” and “Web check-in”, which puts the Azorean airline in the group of the most innovative airlines worldwide.