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Sanlorenzo Launches First Superyacht With Green Methanol Fuel Cell System

Sanlorenzo Launches First Superyacht With Green Methanol Fuel Cell System

Pioneers in maritime sustainability, Sanlorenzo and has just achieved a significant milestone in its journey towards carbon neutrality with the launch of the first unit of its 50Steel last weekend – the world’s first superyacht with a Green Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of powering the onboard hotel systems with zero emissions, revolutionising the industry’s approach to sustainability - in collaboration with Siemens Energy.

Sanlorenzo is not only pioneering sustainable yacht design but also setting a new standard for the industry, ensuring luxury and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With these advancements, Sanlorenzo Yachts is leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable future in maritime luxury.

The Italian shipyard’s ‘Road to 2030’ is deeply rooted in providing more sustainable solutions to future buyers due to a significant increase in demand from prospective purchasers. Other sustainable USPs include:

Groundbreaking partnership with Volvo Penta: Introducing the IPS40 drive to Sanlorenzo’s 35m+ models from 2025, an efficiency-focused system designed to optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Future
Net Zero Model: A fully fuel-cell powered, net-zero Sanlorenzo yacht set to launch in 2027.
Sustainable Materials: All materials used in the construction and interior design of Sanlorenzo yachts are sustainably sourced and traceable, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.
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About the 50Steel


The 50Steel’s modular Reformer – Fuel Cell system, developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy, is capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy to power all the yacht’s hotel systems without storing hydrogen on board. This revolutionary solution will allow the ship to generate electrical energy up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generators turned off: the system, completely carbon-neutral, significantly increases the time spent at anchor without diesel fuel consumption, covering about 90% of the typical usage time of a superyacht with zero emissions.

The 50Steel will also introduce another innovation to the market in the shape of the HER (Hidden Engine Room) system. This is a revolutionary new onboard concept that has allowed for the maximisation of space to create an additional living area, modifying the traditional layout of the boat.

Patented by Sanlorenzo, the HER system allows for new ways of interpreting space while keeping the yachtunder 500 tons of displacement and enables a redesigned layout of the engine room. Horizontal development of the propulsion systems and new distribution of the technical area in the under lower deck has allowed for the exploitation of new spaces in the lower deck area. This includes an additional lounge, the Ocean Lounge, which is directly connected on one side with the large aft Beach Club equipped with a pool, and on the other side with the guest area, where cabins are complemented by a gym and a spa area.

Since its conception in 1958 the shipyard has built just over 1000 yachts, having developed designs and styles that have become classics and outlive fashion and trends, making it the shipyard of choice for uncompromising yachtsmen and women. Each Sanlorenzo motor yacht is as unique as a work of art, with almost limitless customisable design elements available to ensure they are tailored to the customers’ every desire, with their own story to tell.

A unique firm in the yachting industry, building only a limited number of made-to-measure units per year, Sanlorenzo is committed to delivering exceptional, elevated yachts reflecting customer needs, style and choices. Interiors can be designed by longtime partner Lissoni & Partners, led by Italian architect, art director and designer Piero Lissoni. Alternatively customers can bring onboard a designer of their choosing creating, for example, an extension of your home on the ocean.

Buyers go on a journey as they decide every element of their vessel, from the choice of wood, it’s finish and direction of the grain or even matching the crockery to that used at home, to the complete floor plan, such as brining the galley to deck level instead of below, providing a familial and convivial atmosphere - a hearth amongst the waves - or designing a staircase that doubles as a work of art.

The experience of buying a Sanlorenzo yacht is similar to buying an expertly crafted, made-to-measure bespoke suit - where everything is designed just for you. Both interiors and floor plans layout can be tailored for purpose, from marble sourced from a particular Carrara marble quarry to the type of stitching used on sunlounger cushions. High durability materials can be used in high traffic areas without compromising on style, crew quarters can be enlarged to provide a more comfortable experience for staff and toy garages can be designed to accommodate everything from jet skis and rib boats to inflatables, slides and diving equipment.