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Sabre inks deal with Glowpoint

Sabre inks deal with Glowpoint

Glowpoint and global technology leader Sabre Travel Network have announced plans to integrate cloud managed video services into Sabre Virtual Meetings.

Sabre Virtual Meetings provides corporate travel buyers (including travel agencies, corporate travel managers, businesses, government agencies and corporate employees) with a seamless way to find, reserve and connect public and corporate-owned videoconferencing rooms as part of the travel booking process.

Sabre already operates the world’s largest travel marketplace and the world’s leading corporate online booking tool, GetThere, connecting travel agents and corporations with airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers from around the world.

Sabre Virtual Meetings will utilise Glowpoint’s OpenVideo cloud to provide users with videoconferencing services such as video bridging, helpdesk and concierge services, and business to business calling via the world’s largest global, multi-vendor business-to-business exchange for video.

Working with the global provider of cloud managed video services, Sabre will offer cloud based services for video, which do not require video infrastructure on the customer’s network or local support.

“Glowpoint’s capability to provide secure, high quality business to business calling will provide our customers with the confidence that their video meetings will be successful every time they use Sabre Virtual Meetings,” stated Jeremy Stubbs, general manager for Sabre Virtual Meetings, a part of Sabre Travel Network.

“Glowpoint’s scheduling and cloud managed video services will make it easier for users to connect inter- and intra-company video conferencing rooms, thereby driving higher adoption and use of existing assets.”

The goal of the partnership between Glowpoint and Sabre is to increase the adoption and use of corporate-owned videoconferencing solutions within the thousands of business customers that the two partners currently serve.

“A key requirement of videoconferencing is to make it as easy to schedule and utilize as booking travel online, which is why we choose to partner with Sabre, clearly a leader in the travel industry,” said Stephen Vobbe, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Glowpoint.

“We know that customers expect videoconferencing to be as easy and reliable as booking flights today.

“Our cloud managed services will ensure that videoconferences booked through Sabre Virtual Meetings will always take off on time and go smoothly.”