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Sabre Holdings Acquires Calidris

Sabre Holdings Acquires Calidris

Sabre Holdings announced today the acquisition of Iceland-based Calidris ehf, a revenue integrity and business intelligence solutions company. This acquisition will result in a breakthrough revenue integrity solution, flexible enough to help airlines make more money, and move beyond traditional processes of just preventing revenue loss.

Calidris will become part of Sabre Airline Solutions, the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports. The acquisition is part of Sabre’s long-term growth plans and continual investments in the company’s airline portfolio.

“Becoming part of Sabre Airline Solutions is exciting for Calidris as together we will make a tremendous difference in the success and growth of airlines worldwide,” said Magnús Óskarsson, chief executive officer of Calidris. “We expect great things from this transaction, including technology growth and innovation. We see this as an important step towards continued growth of our operations and strengthening our development efforts here in Reykjavík.”

Calidris’s revenue integrity, business intelligence and data capabilities will become part of Sabre’s broad integrated suite of airline products and be made available to more than 300 airlines that use Sabre products today.

The enhanced revenue integrity solution allows quick and easy access to business data making it an integral part of successful revenue planning and revenue generation not available today. It also gives airlines a more responsive, smarter, well-tuned and fluid customer sales and service environment.


“Calidris has been validated by some of the world’s leading airlines and is a very innovative company that has developed some powerful technology that will move Sabre and the airline industry forward in the area of revenue integrity,” said Steve Clampett, president of Airline Solutions and Products for Sabre Airline Solutions.