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Sabre Airline assists Ethiopian Airlines with Star Alliance membership

Sabre Airline Solutions has delivered a number of new capabilities to Ethiopian Airlines to enable its entrance today into the Star Alliance airline network.

Last year Ethiopian renewed its SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service (CSS) contract and in line with this agreement work began to incorporate the alliance integration requirements.

The enhancements will provide Ethiopian with the capabilities essential for alliance membership, such as the ability for passengers to earn and redeem frequent flyer points on Star Alliance member carriers for free tickets and upgrades.

SabreSonic CSS will also enable Ethiopian and other Star Alliance members to efficiently work together using interactive passenger and operational data critical to successful travel.

Ethiopian Airlines recently became the 28th member of the Star Alliance.

Hugh Jones, president of Sabre Airline Solutions, said: “This project demonstrates how quickly and efficiently Sabre Airline Solutions can implement the technology required by carriers joining airline alliances, or those who are already alliance members.

“We recognise the importance of Star Alliance membership to Ethiopian’s growth strategy and with SabreSonic CSS the airline has the tools it needs to be successful.”

SabreSonic CSS is the industry’s first real intersection of customer-focused solutions and revenue generation in every distribution channel, helping airlines meet their revenue goals and get closer to customers.