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Ryanair prepares for difficult year ahead

Ryanair prepares for difficult year ahead

Ryanair has said it is preparing for a difficult year ahead as it returns to flying in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Consultations about base closures, pay cuts of up to 20 per cent, unpaid leave and up to 3,000 job cuts (mainly pilots and cabin crew) are under way, the low-cost carrier said.


However, the Irish airline said it was well positioned to endure, coming from a strong 2019.

Ryanair reported a full year profit of €1,002 million, compared to €885 million last year.

Sales grew ten per cent to €8.5 billion, with the carrier welcoming 149 million passengers.

The carrier said it was expecting to welcome 80 million passengers over the course of the year, down by half from the 154 million targeted before the coronavirus outbreak.

Ryanair has previously said it hopes to return to flying in July.