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Ryanair dismisses latest ‘Which, Who? or What?’ complaint

Ryanair dismisses latest ‘Which, Who? or What?’ complaint

Ryanair, has dismissed the latest false ‘Which, (Who or What)’ complaint which falsely accuses Ryanair of charging credit and debit cards fees (Ryanair don’t) and again ignores the fuel surcharge scams of British Airways and other flag carrier airlines while Ryanair and easyjet charge no such surcharges.

Ryanair rejected the false claims in the Which (Who? or What?) complaint:

Ryanair does not impose any debit or credit card fee.

Which’s ‘family of four’ can avoid paying Ryanair’s discretionary ADMIN fee by simply paying with a widely available MasterCard Prepaid card.

Which’s ‘family of four’ save over £260 on Ryanair’s average fare of just £30 (includes checked-in bag fees) compared to British Airway’s average fare of £284 and unavoidable £12 fuel surcharge.


Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“Before making ‘Super Duper Complaints’ the clueless clowns at ‘Which’ should at least get their facts right. Ryanair does not levy any credit or debit card payment ‘surcharges’. Even our administration fee is avoidable by these passengers by using Ryanair’s recommended MasterCard Prepaid.

It’s bizarre that this useless and irrelevant “consumer” magazine is again complaining about ‘low cost airlines’ while, yet again, ignoring British Airway’s high fares and its unjustified, unfair and unavoidable fuel surcharges.

Perhaps this is why 78m passengers this year will chose to fly Ryanair and fewer than 30m will fly on fuel surcharging BA while just one man and his dog buys the useless, wrong and irrelevant Which, Who? or What? magazine.”