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Ryanair cuts Edinburgh traffic by 15% from summer 2012

Ryanair cuts Edinburgh traffic by 15% from summer 2012

Ryanair, has announced that it would cut its base at Edinburgh from 7 to 6 aircraft, with the loss of 5 routes, 300,000 pax p.a., leading to the loss of up to 300 jobs, following the breakdown of negotiations with the high cost BAA Edinburgh about a competitive cost base for further Ryanair growth at Edinburgh. Ryanair also warned that BAA Edinburgh’s high cost base will lead to significant further cuts in Ryanair’s operation, if its 5 year agreement (which expires in Oct 2012) is not extended on more competitive terms.

These cuts at Edinburgh Airport (including the closure of Berlin, Malmo, Murcia, Ibiza and Tallinn routes) become effective for the summer 2012 schedule (starting April) and will include:

·    From 7 to 6 base aircraft (down 15%).
·    From 40 to 35 routes (down 13%).
·    From 140 to 110 weekly flights (down 21%).
·    From 1.8M to under 1.5M pax p.a (down 16%).
·    This loss of 300,000 pax p.a. will sustain 300 fewer jobs at Edinburgh Airport.

Ryanair will continue its negotiations with BAA Edinburgh to try to extend its five year agreement on a competitive basis from October 2012, but warned that if these negotiations are unsuccessful, then there will be further significant aircraft, route, traffic and jobs cuts announced at Edinburgh from winter 2012 onwards.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:


“Ryanair regrets BAA Edinburgh Airport’s rejection of our proposals for a competitive cost base which would allow Ryanair to further grow our traffic and routes for summer 2012. Sadly BAA Edinburgh seems to prefer higher costs, even if it means fewer passengers and jobs at Edinburgh.

“While Ryanair remains committed to Edinburgh Airport (and with 1.5m passengers and 35 routes, we continue to be one of the largest airlines operating to/from Edinburgh), BAA Edinburgh cannot continue to ignore the competitive marketplace, where airports all over the UK and Europe have been reducing costs and lowering charges in return for traffic growth. We hope even at this late stage that BAA Edinburgh will realise that the way to grow traffic and jobs is by working with Ryanair to lower passengers fares, not raise them.”