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RWC Organisers thank New Zealand

RWC Organisers thank New Zealand

“New Zealand has done itself proud,” said RNZ 2011 Chairman Brian Roche.

“Rugby fans, even those with a passing interest in the Game have dressed up, painted their faces and turned each match into a true festival of Rugby and our country. Others have gone to Fanzones, enjoyed REAL New Zealand Festival events and given our visitors the best of welcomes.

“We promised a stadium of four million great fans and hosts and without a doubt New Zealand has delivered.”

“None of this would have been possible without the passion and dedication of an army of people across New Zealand.”

“The Team 2011 volunteers have been at the forefront of our efforts to look after visitors and ensure they left with the best of memories of their time here while also contributing to the successful delivery of 48 matches.”


“Through the past six years since we won the bid to host RWC 2011, our partners have worked tirelessly to ensure we created the best platform to deliver on the promises we made in Dublin.”

“Today we thank those in central and local government, the NZ 2011 Office, provincial Rugby unions, regional tourism and other industry organisations and of course the staff and management of our own organisation, RNZ 2011. The collective efforts of so many have ensured we have delivered an event all New Zealanders can be proud of and one that enhances our country’s position on the world stage.” 

“Most importantly from our position as Tournament organiser, we have shown the world that our great, little country can deliver a globally significant event with a host of challenges.  We are confident our success stands New Zealand in good stead to attract major events in the future.”

“We are proud of our achievements in meeting our ticket revenue target and successfully delivering 48 matches at 12 venues. Last night’s thrilling Final was the icing on the cake of what was already one of the great Rugby World Cups.”

“I would also like to thank the IRB, Chairman Bernard Lapasset, CEO Mike Miller and their team at subsidiary Rugby World Cup Ltd for the close cooperation and support they have given us since we won the bid.”


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