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Royal Jordanian suspends operations to three destinations

Royal Jordanian suspends operations to three destinations

According to Royal Jordanian ‘s operating plan this year, the airline decided to suspend running flights to a number of cities on the route network. As shown in the company’s 2013 operating results, these routes proved to be infeasible as the number of passengers from/to these destinations has declined.
The airline will suspend operations to Alexandria starting with April and to Colombo and Milan the month after.

In a press statement, RJ said that it constantly reviews its route network and studies the stations in order to assess the economic feasibility of each destination. At the forefront of the set criteria that determine route profitability are the traffic, the operating expenses and the required fleet operated on these routes. In addition, the market share plays a big role in such decision, in light of the fierce competition witnessed by the air transport industry on a regional and international level.

On the other hand, RJ conducts its studies to enter new markets and add cities to its routes, particularly that it is awaiting the arrival of its fleet of the Boeing 787s slated to start joining effective June this year, replacing RJ’s long-haul A340s and A330s.

The introduction of the Dreamliners is bound to offer RJ the chance to open promising markets, in regards with the advanced and outstanding technical specifications of those airliners and the superb level of services that will be available to passengers. This year will see the airline receiving five Boeing 787s out of 11; the rest will continue joining the fleet throughout the coming three years.

This year, RJ increased the number of flights to several of its 60 non-stop destinations and reduced the frequency to others, based on last year’s operating results and the opportunities and challenges expected to affect air transportation in 2014.