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Rovia expands internationally and introduces Global Concierge Services

Rovia - named the World’s Leading Online Travel Agency and World’s Leading Travel Club by the World Travel Awards in 2014 - is pioneering online travel booking technology through its website and mobile platforms.

Offering travel packages in 27 countries and 24 hour international support makes Rovia a definitively growing global travel company.

With new travel destinations in Australia and Brazil, Rovia is now offering more locations to book dream vacations.

Online travel booking technology allows members to book airfare, local excursions, transportation, and hotels in over 85 locations.

With Rovia’s fully integrated mobile platform, users can book travel on the go.

If the technology is not enough of a reason to book travel with Rovia, superior customer service is available in 24 locations through local phone numbers or live chat on Rovia’s website.

The Rovia Assist App is a personal concierge service available to support members 24 hour hours a day no matter where they are in the world.

Members can book flights, request restaurant reservations, purchase event tickets, access translation services, or request medical help at the touch of a screen.

Rovia combines high-tech and high-touch through innovative travel technology solutions and first class customer service.

From airfare, to hotels, transportation, and local excursions; Rovia is the one stop shop for the entire travel planning process.

Utilising proprietary technology, Rovia is evolving the user’s online booking experience by giving recommendations for hotels and activities during the booking process.

There is also a developing community of savvy travelers that are providing ratings and reviews for travel products offered by Rovia which enables fellow travelers to make informed decisions regarding their travel options.

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Based in Plano, Texas and Greenville, South Carolina, Rovia has been a respected player in the travel industry for 27 years.

The company has created a hybrid model that combines a traditional travel agency with online booking technology.

Rovia maintains a loyal customer base with affordable pricing, incentives, rewards and exceptional service.