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Reunion Island launches eco tourism drive

Reunion Island launches eco tourism drive

A new eco-tourism tour is being offered by Reunion Island along with the already rich leisure activities of nature on offer on the west side of the island.

The purpose of this day tour is to discover (or rediscover) in an educational way the benefits of the island’s coral reef.

A tour organiser will share the secrets of the reef and the island of Reunion on this journey of discovery of the coast, from Cape la Houssaye at the Hermitage lagoon.

This is a new tour, which through innovative teaching will raise awareness of the environment in a fun way.

The tour includes a meeting with officers of the Marine Nature Reserve, along with a guided tour followed by a lecture at the Aquarium of La Reunion.

A traditional breakfast is provided – a Creole meal cooked over a wood fire with a tasting of fresh country juices.