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Research says cruisers suffer “cruise-blues”

Research says cruisers suffer “cruise-blues”

New research from an online cruising travel agency has shown that British cruise passengers experience feelings of post-holiday sadness after returning to shore from a cruising holiday more so than when returning home from a ‘dry-land’ holiday.

The poll, conducted by, examined the post-holiday moods of British passengers departing a cruise, in comparison to their last holiday on dry land. A total of 1,283 British holidaymakers were polled, each of whom had been on a cruise and a dry land holiday.

When questioned about their overall holiday experience, a total of 76% said they felt ‘sad’ for their time onboard to be at an end, whilst only 3% admitted they were ‘happy’ to leave the ship.

In comparison, when respondents were asked the same question about the last ‘dry land’ holiday they embarked upon, a total of 58% said they felt saddened to return home; almost a fifth less than those who admitted to feeling sad when returning from a cruising holiday. 

Similarly, more than a tenth, 11%, of the respondents admitted to feeling ‘happy’ when returning home from a dry-land holiday, almost four times more than respondents who felt ‘happy’ being home after a cruise.


The respondents who admitted to feeling sad about the end of the cruise were asked to explain their reasons further. According to the study, the majority, 53%, of those who felt sad about the end of their cruise holiday said it was because they would miss the ‘luxury lifestyle’ that the cruise offered.

A further 37% of the respondents who admitted that they felt sad at the end of their cruise holiday admitted to feeling this way as they had enjoyed not having ‘general life stresses’.

Just under a quarter, 23%, of those asked cited that they would ‘miss’ the friendships that they had formed when onboard the cruise ship; whilst 7% claimed they would simply ‘miss being at sea’.

In comparison, when asked ‘Why were you sad to leave your dry land holiday?’ more than two thirds, 67% said they felt sad that they had to return to work.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, spoke about the results of the survey:

“I was surprised by the amount of people that claim to have suffered with ‘cruise-blues’ on their return home, but I fully understand that people want their holiday to last as long as possible, especially following the recession. Life on a cruise ship is something special, as anyone who has been on a cruise can testify, and many people are looking for a new experience when on holiday.”

He continued: “My advice for anyone who is suffering with ‘cruise-blues’ would be to think about all the good things that they enjoyed about their cruise, not the fact they’re upset to be back home. If that doesn’t work, then maybe booking another cruise would do the trick, for something to look forward to!”