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Record wagon, locomotive & coach production during 2010-11

Record wagon, locomotive & coach production during 2010-11

Indian Railways have set new record in the procurement of wagons in the financial year 2010-11 when it acquired 16,638 wagons. This is the highest ever wagon procurement in a single year since independence. The highlight of this procurement is that some upgrades in wagons that had eluded Railways for almost a decade have now been applied for the first time. Thus Railways have not only procured the highest number of wagons but procurements have also been superior in terms of technical specifications. The availability of sufficient number of wagons would help enhance and improve freight movement across Indian Railways thereby accelerating country’s economic growth.

The coach factories of Indian Railways produced 3079 passenger coaches during the financial year 2010-11, which is again the highest ever production in a year since independence.

In a landmark performance, the Locomotive Production Units of Indian Railways also achieved highest ever production of 497 locomotives in the year 2010-11 which include 267 diesel locomotives and 230 electric locomotives. The record out put of diesel locomotives includes modern high horse power engines. The record production of electric engines includes green three phase drive locomotives which have regenerative capability of producing electric power during breaking of trains.

Indian Railways also geared up its efforts in a big way to achieve the highest ever scrap disposal worth Rs. 4408 crore in the financial year 2010-11. The performance on scarp disposal is not only more than the annual target but is also 25 per cent more than the previous best. Scrap disposal is a very long drawn affair requiring tremendous coordination, field work and monitoring. Prompt and efficient disposal of scrap generated with Zonal Railways/Railway Production Units/Workshops not only help in decongesting the work place thereby improving the efficiency/output also significantly unburden the capital mobilization for track works.

The highest ever performance since independence in the fields of rolling stock acquisition/production and scrap disposal, speaks volumes about vigorous efforts, capabilities and dedication of lakhs of railwaymen.


The Ministry of Railways last year took over the wagon producing PSU M/s. Braithwaite Company Limited so as to leverage its purchase power for revival of the company. During takeover, sufficient wagon orders have been placed with the company by the Ministry of Railways for gainful utilization of the manpower and assets of the company. The efforts of the company have been duly recognized and it has been awarded the BRPSE turn around award 2010 by the Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE).

As mentioned in Railways’ earlier press release, Railways recorded the highest ever achievement in construction of new line and doubling projects in the financial year 2010-11. Railways has achieved the construction of 709 kilometres of new lines in the year 2010-11, against the annual average of 180 kilometres new lines since independence. In case of doubling projects also, the progress during 2010-11 has been 769 kilometres, which is the highest ever and almost three times the average annual progress of 260 kilometres of doubling achieved since independence. Railways also completed 837 kilometres in gauge conversion in 2010-11 which is again more than the target of 834 kilometres.