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Ramadan tents showcase Emirati Hospitality and Heritage at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Ramadan tents showcase Emirati Hospitality and Heritage at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is celebrating the holy month of Ramadan by providing passengers at Abu Dhabi International Airport with the opportunity to learn about the traditions associated with this religious month.

There are three Ramadan tents in the airport, with one in every terminal. Each tent has a capacity for a maximum of 30 people at a time, where Iftar and Suhour will take place approximately between 7pm and 3am. Travellers fasting are also welcome to break their fast at Iftar in one of the tents located in each of the terminals at the airport.

Foreign passengers in particular have been delighted to learn about the Islamic culture and heritage as they visit the tents, where they are greeted with the warm hospitality that epitomizes Emirati customs, and enjoy eating traditional appetizers and beverages such as Arabian dates and coffee, that will be distributed to travellers and airport staff alike. 

Moreover, a special entertainment program has been created to draw joy and happiness on the face of the young travellers, who will be received by “Freej” characters at Terminal 1 during the holy month. Other activities scheduled to take place inside the terminals include folklore dancing, henna painting and more. Special souvenirs and gifts will be distributed to travellers to celebrate the arrival of the holy season as well.

Harib Ghannam Al Hameli, Vice President Abu Dhabi International Airport, said: “We are delighted to bring back the Ramadan tents to Abu Dhabi International Airport for the third year running. It is a pleasure to share our Emirati culture and heritage at such a special time with our passengers from all nationalities and cultural backgrounds to learn more about our Ramadan customs. In the spirit of Ramadan, we will continue to offer the warmest Emirati hospitality at the airport for the whole month.”


Abu Dhabi International Airport is recognised internationally for its quality of service and passenger care. The Ramadan tents are another initiative by the airport to continue to engage with its passengers and provide the care and comfort that has become synonymous with Abu Dhabi International Airport.