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Ramada showcases wine offering with new initiative

Ramada showcases wine offering with new initiative

Whether travellers are venturing to the edge of the earth, or simply to the edge of town, Ramada has invited them to Say Hello to Red.

To bring to life the brand’s global presence and signature colour, Ramada has teamed up with wine expert, author and prolific blogger, Jamie Goode, to craft a special red wine list which offers guests a taste of some of the many exciting destinations where Ramada hotels can be found.

Jamie Goode is a UK-based, internationally renowned, writer and wine expert.

He is a regular columnist for the Sunday Express, he holds a PhD in plant biology and is the founder of, one of the most comprehensive wine resources on the web.

Building on his expertise and passion for wine, he has carefully curated an exclusive red wine list for Ramada, combining grapes from some of the world’s most renowned wine regions with lesser-known yet distinctive tastes.

The Ramada Red Wine List launches today at a selection of hotels, from Turkey to Tanzania, Italy to India.


Each hotel has stocked a bespoke selection of red wines, featuring different styles aligned to Goode’s recommendations, which have been carefully selected to appeal to a wide range of taste buds, whether you are a wine aficionado, or just want to try something new.

Goode commented: “Ramada was the ideal hotel brand for me to partner with on this project because my passion for wine and Ramada’s passion for hospitality were perfectly matched.

“The brand’s intercontinental presence in some of world’s most well-known destinations, as well as in locales less travelled, provided lots of inspiration in creating a truly unique and exciting red wine tasting experience.

“It is my hope that hotel guests and visitors alike are encouraged by my selection of wines to sample something new and different.”

Ramada by Wyndham is part of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

John Griffin, vice president sales and marketing, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, EMEA, said: “All around the world, travellers are welcomed into Ramada by the brand’s signature red colour, which has come to symbolise warm hospitality and a comfortable stay.

“This list of wines of the world is another way to delight our guests and to offer them a taste of just some of the incredible destinations where the brand can be found.

“Through Jamie’s recommendations guests can embark on a journey without even leaving the hotel.”

From lighter flavours, to full-bodied warm reds and spicy wines with more complexity, each participating Ramada hotel has picked a mix of different styles for their wine menus.