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Quito, your story starts here!

Quito, your story starts here!

Quito Turismo’s Communication and Marketing teams, in collaboration with Quito City Council’s Ministry of Communication, have worked tirelessly to elaborate the city’s new branding.

In marketing, city branding is a concept and image that provides the city with its own unique identity, style and mark, offering a series of singular and exclusive attributes by which to identify and recognise the city and differentiate it from others.

This new approach sees the graphics, typeface and colours all updated. New modern elements and current design trends have been incorporated to achieve a visual and sensory impact on the audience, thus inspiring them to discover the charms and sites of the Capital of the Centre of the World.
One of the major changes is the overhaul of the Quito isologo, which now features a more simple and modern style. The first letter, the ‘Q’, resembles a geolocation icon. Alongside the word ‘Quito’ we have the slogan ‘Your Story Starts Here’, which is much more memorable and directly alludes to the experiences that visitors will be able to embark on from the Metropolitan District.

The new city branding provides the possibility of incorporating the entire range of services and attractions that the capital city has to offer, such as a special, adapted isologo for gastronomy, events, nature and municipal programmes, for example.The updated image will be gradually rolled out in public spaces and facilities, like Mariscal Sucre International Airport, as well as at certain government offices and installations. In addition, it will be shared worldwide in order to boost Quito’s position and presence on the international market and increase its appeal as a tourist destination.

The previous ‘Quito – Your Story Starts in Quito’ city branding was launched in 2018, following a study initiated one year before, and was used until June of this year. During this time, it was the image of the Ecuadorian capital that was mainly projected in the international market.


About Quito Tourism Board
Quito Tourism Board helps and manages the development and promotion of tourism and the meetings industry in the Metropolitan District of Quito, in partnership with the tourism industry and other productive sectors, for the benefit of local, national, and foreign visitors.
Quito, the Capital at the Middle of the World, is the closest city to the sun and the only place where it is possible to stand with one foot in each hemisphere. This city, declared the First Cultural Heritage of Humanity thanks to its Historic centre, mixes the pre-Hispanic, colonial, traditional and modern.
Quito is also a place for adventure. This equatorial city is the start of the Avenue of Volcanoes, or you can visit the Andean Chocó, home to the spectacled bear and thousands of bird species.
It is also the gateway to the four worlds of Ecuador: Galapagos, Pacific Coast, Andes and Amazon. Quito has a unique cuisine that fuses ancestral knowledge and flavours with avant-garde proposals that conquer the palates of those who try it.