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Quiport announces US$90m three-year investment plan

Quiport announces US$90m three-year investment plan

Quiport has announced an expansion and improvement plan at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

The plan, which runs until 2020, involves nine projects structured around three key areas - investment, service and development.

It aims to improve airport processes for the benefit of passengers, users and companies.

Investment for the expansion plan amounts to US$90 million.

The expansion project is focused on extending the airport’s operating capacity and is in keeping with the contractual obligations under the master plan for airport development approved by the municipality of Quito.


It includes the extension of passenger terminal space by nearly a fifth, while the departures area will be expanded by 3,200 square meters.

Quiport is additionally carrying out improvements including the reconfiguration of areas to enhance user experience.

On the investment side, there are plans for the reconfiguration of the departures hall by relocating the information counter to a position with better visibility at the centre.

At a press conference held in Quito to announce the project, Jessica Alomía, undersecretary of air transport for Ecuador, said: “Quito’s airport is one of the main catalysts of development - it generates employment, tourism, trade, and this in turn is translated into many jobs and many opportunities for Ecuadorian families.

“These great achievements drive us to continue working for air connectivity, tourism and trade.”

With the expansion and improvements plan approved by the municipality of Quito, Quiport exceeds its contractual expectations and raises its service levels by investing in improvements that will enrich the passenger experience.

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Mariscal Sucre International Airport was recently recognised as South America’s Leading Airport for the fifth time in succession by the World Travel Awards.