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Queensland launches fresh multi-million dollar tourism campaign

A brand-new multi-million dollar tourism campaign has been launched today hoping to lure southerners to book a holiday in Queensland.

The “Seize the Days” campaign aims to generate over 6 million visitors to the sunshine state and inject over $ 4 billion into the tourism sector.
It comes as state tourism bosses fight to stay ahead in the increasingly tough market post-COVID and continue to encourage Australians to holiday at home.
Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Brett Fraser has told Nine these campaigns are incredibly important for tourism.

“It’s been a tough last few years, we all know that, so domestic visitor campaigns like this are absolutely vital in raising that awareness and reminding people about the opportunities to holiday at home,” Mr Fraser says.

“We’ve seen the last twelve months that tourism has boomed across the country domestically, as we’ve all got out and experienced our own backyard like we’ve never done it before and Queensland has really benefited from that.”

Queensland has jumped to number one most visited state for the first time this year, after usually falling behind NSW and Victoria.


With international borders closed over the past few years, AUstralian’s have been forced to explore their own country for holidays more than ever.

Tourism bosses say we need to capitalise on this, as Queensland continues to recovers from the pandemic.

“There is a propensity for people to travel overseas rather than within Australia for domestic travel, but the last two years, we’ve seen a big shift in that,”

“There’s been record numbers of visitation across Queensland. What we really hope now is that as international borders reopen and people start traveling overseas, that they don’t forget about the great opportunities in their own backyard and they keep on traveling across Queensland.”