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Qatar Airways boosted by United Nations role

Qatar Airways boosted by United Nations role

Qatar Airways has been confirmed at the Official Airline for the 13th session of the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) taking place in Doha.

The week-long conference in the Qatari capital is being attended by global leaders, government ministers, high ranking officials and journalists.

Established in 1964, UNCTAD has evolved into an authoritative knowledge-based organisation promoting the growth of developing countries.

The theme of this year’s conference is Development-Centred Globalisation: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Development.

The focus of discussion is job creation and raising living standards for underprivileged people and nations.

Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker said: “This is a special occasion as it marks the first time a country from the Arab world has ever hosted the UNCTAD conference.

“The State of Qatar has been playing a significant role in world issues and being the national airline it makes us proud to bring in these world leaders and representatives from around the world to our capital city Doha this week.”

The gathering is timely as it takes place amid the major transformations under way in the region.
Qatar’s partnership with UNCTAD is an opportunity for the state to demonstrate its ability to contribute more effectively to setting the economic and political agendas on regional and global levels.

International leaders meeting in Doha are discussing the extent to which economic factors such as job shortages and income inequalities have contributed to the recent uprisings in parts of the Arab world.

They are also talking about social changes in developed countries and their impact on International trade.

Qatar Airways is considered the World’s Leading Airline Business Class by the World Travel Awards.