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Qantas jumbo in engine shutdown

Qantas jumbo in engine shutdown

Rolls-Royce has faced its second scare within a week after a Qantas Boeing 747 bound for London was forced to shut down an engine and return to Bangkok Airport.

The pilot noticed “vibration and high temperatures” in one of four engines said a Qantas Spokesman.

The Boeing 747 was carrying 308 passengers and the plane landed without incident.

Earlier this week, a Cathay Pacific plane made an emergency landing in Singapore after sparks in its Rolls-Royce engine.

“The pilots shut down this engine and as a precaution returned to Bangkok,” the spokesman said.


“We believe the cause is similar to events that other airlines are experiencing and is subject to an increased monitoring programme from the manufacturer Rolls-Royce,” he added.

Qantas has also had its safety record tested over the past year. This included a Rolls Royce Trent 300 engine on an A330 catching fire mid-flight, forcing an emergency landing.

Safety investigators diagnosed that a manufacturing defect in an oil pipe led to an oil leak, which in turn sparked a fire in the engine.