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Austrian mountains in bargain sell-off

Austrian mountains in bargain sell-off

Austrian authorities have put two of the country’s prized mountains up for a sale at a bargain price of just €121,000 for the pair.

Austria’s federal real estate company, the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft or BIG, has advertised the sale of “Grosse Kinigat” and “Rosskopf,” on its website.

The advertisement boasts that the two 2,600-metre peaks offer the “most stunning views of the Carnic Alps and are popular destinations for mountain climbers and hikers.”

Local residents are unhappy about the sale of the peaks, one of which is the site of a memorial to battles in World War I.

The mayor of the village of Kartitsch, Josef Ausserlechner, said he was mystified about why the peaks were being put up for sale.


“Why do you want to sell the summit now is beyond me. In Greece, you sell the island - [now] the mountains in Austria,” Ausserlechner told Austrian news agency APA.

Ausserlechner said the new owners would not be allowed to fence off the peaks. “The public and hikers have right of way,” he added.

The sale has already attracted 20 bids, and final bid must be placed by July 8.