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PortAventura moves into luxury market with Mansión de Lucy

PortAventura moves into luxury market with Mansión de Lucy

To mark its 20th anniversary, PortAventura has moved into the luxury market by launching Mansión de Lucy – the resort’s first five-star hotel.

Hotel Gold River, of which Mansión de Lucy used to be a part, has also been expanded into the largest in the resort through the addition of a new section – the Callaghan Building containing 78 deluxe rooms.

The combined total investment in the projects was over €10 million.

Hotel Mansión de Lucy will open on April 2nd, just two weeks after the start of the 2015 season, which is scheduled for March 21st.

The defining trait of this boutique hotel is its interior design, which transports guests to an opulent, American, 19th century-style mansion.


The PortAventura architecture team has constructed Mansión de Lucy to have the same character as the first ‘Far West’ mansions that were built with the fortunes of successful railroad, oil and gold mining pioneers.

The result of this attention to detail can also be seen in the hotel’s reception area, restaurant and extremely comfortable rooms.

The new Hotel Mansión de Lucy has 28 Deluxe Superior rooms, two suites and offers a full range of luxury hotel features including private hotel entrance, reception and lobby bar, personal concierge, porter service, exclusive à la carte restaurants, spa, gym, and express premium wristbands for easier access to the PortAventura theme park.

Hotel Gold River is expanding in June with the new, themed, 78-room Callaghan Building.

All of the rooms will be deluxe, the top category of the resort’s four-star hotels.

The Callaghan Building will have its own reception area and entrance, separate to those of the main Hotel Gold River to ensure guests receive personal attention.

Guests will also have access to a spa and a gymnasium as well as express premium wristbands.

The new building is currently being prepared for the 2015 summer season and will open its doors on June 1st 2015.

In addition to the launch of both hotels PortAventura has developed new attractions, formed in partnerships with leading brands such as Ferrari and Cirque du Soleil.

These deluxe accommodation projects will offer a wide range of complementary services, such as three golf courses and a beach club which has direct access to the Mediterranean.

Sergio Feder, president, PortAventura, explained: “The new five-star hotel Mansión de Lucy and the Callaghan Building expansion are part of a strong investment plan undertaken over the past five years.

“Already hosting four million visitors the plans will further develop the PortAventura Resort as a one-of-a-kind in Europe, with a high quality range of products and services.

“The development of PortAventura Resort’s hotel range is part of our strategy to strengthen our international standing.

“The resort aims to become one of Europe’s best family leisure destinations.”