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Polish Council ready to take on travel and tourism matters

The discussion led to a fruitful exchange on the priorities of the Polish Presidency and the priorities of the Industry. The revision of the package travel Directive, the standstill situation on the revision of the margin taxation scheme for travel agents well as the EU Commission’s actions in the field of tourism were identified as major priorities of the trade.

Said Vice President Pawel Niewiadomski: “The industry is counting on the Polish Council Presidency to end the deadlock on the much needed revision of the special VAT scheme for travel agents. Discussions are going on for nearly a decade - the trade needs a scheme that is adapted to the market of today and that avoids the distortions of competition that are inherent in the current VAT scheme.”

Said Michel de Blust, Secretary General of ECTAA: “The package travel Directive is the backbone legislation of the travel trade in Europe. The revision process engaged by the European Commission requires establishing a fair level playing field among all enterprises, ensuring a good level of consumer protection while preserving the competitiveness of the EU travel trade.”

ECTAA regroups the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 29 European countries, of which 25 are within the European Union, and represents some 80.000 enterprises.