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Planetwildlife launches China website

Planetwildlife launches China website

Leading wildlife and safari tour website is launching a dedicated China website, at the two-day Guangzhou China Travel Distribution Summit.

Achieved with the endorsement of - and in partnership with - a select number of established national Chinese travel industry partners, details of the new website was outlined at a dinner attended by over 600 influential members of China’s burgeoning tourism industry.  PlanetWildlife remains one of a limited number of international companies with tacit support to form pivotal partnerships to develop the country’s inbound and outbound specialist travel markets.

Mytri Reddy, CEO, PlanetWildlife comments:  “PlanetWidllife was one of the few non-chinese travel companies to participate at the China Distribution Summit but we believe it will prove invaluable - by studying and adopting the local ‘modus operandi’ and working closely with our strategic partners, we look forward to advancing the extraordinary potential of the China market to the mutual benefit of all parties.  The dynamic business model we have developed allows us to progress both the inbound market - with the introduction globally of new wildlife itineraries within China - and the extraordinary potential of the outbound market.  We’re very excited by the myriad opportunities now open to us.”

Dedicated national sales and/or representation offices offering independent travellers and the travel trade a wealth of wildlife information and itineraries already feature on the website and these will be developed further to suit local requirements.  There are currently specific sites for India, the UK, Europe, the USA, China and Australia continuously evolving with updated information.