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Phocuswright 2023: Phocuswright warns PMS must be redefined to survive new era of travel

Phocuswright 2023: Phocuswright warns PMS must be redefined to survive new era of travel

Phocuswright, the leading global travel industry research authority and producer of the annual Phocuswright Conference, has urged the hospitality industry to rethink the traditional property management systems (PMS).

Hoteliers are urged to adopt AI to harness real-time data and transform hotel operations.

The Phocuswright Conference, which takes place in Fort Lauderdale from November 13-16, is themed ‘You, Me & the Machine,’ will explore the massive possibilities for AI in the travel space. 

One major focus area at the event is hospitality. 

Entrepreneur Richard Valtr will take one of the main sessions on the Centre Stage to talk about how artificial intelligence is redefining the hotel PMS.

“The post-pandemic travel industry is on the cusp of unprecedented change due to rapidly advancing AI, meaning the hotel industry faces new challenges and opportunities,” said Gene Ko, director of marketing and communications at Phocuswright. 


“Hotel operators today have unparalleled access to real-time and forecast data. 

“However, they need the ability to translate it into actionable insights that can be applied to everyday operations. 

“The traditional PMS – which is used to informing operating decisions based on historic data – is no longer fit for the challenge. 

“It must be redefined to enable hotels to survive and thrive in this new era of travel.”

Attendees at The Phocuswright Conference will hear about Valtr’s start-up Mews, a technology company that is using artificial intelligence to rethink hotels’ physical spaces, services and guest experiences. 

Its future-focused PMS is now powering more than 3,500 of the world’s best hospitality brands.

“The PMS needs to bring operational, labour and revenue data together,” continued Ko. 

“When every aspect of the system is connected, leadership can look at the operation holistically, they can respond to the precise situations that unfold each day – and a new kind of decision making can happen.”

The Phocuswright Conference

The Phocuswright Conference ignites solutions and collaboration whenever cutting-edge innovation demands a rethink of our products, services and processes. 

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