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Philippine Airlines rejects striking employees’ offer to return to work

Philippine Airlines rejects striking employees’ offer to return to work

The management of Philippine Airlines has warned its former employees against staging protests in front of the PAL Inflight Center building which hampers the flow of PAL’s business.

PAL President and chief operating office Jaime Bautista said the ex-PALEANs must clear the PAL Inflight Center premises because as former employees they have no legal personality to invoke a PALEA stand.

“If they are sincere in helping the airline, I urge them to cross over and sign up with the service providers,” Bautista said. 

“Instead of engaging in forms of harassment and attempting to block entrance and exits of a PAL facility, they should channel their energies into helping the company in its transition period.”

He said that PAL’s service providers - SkyLogistics Philippines and SkyKitchen Philippines - have begun accepting more applicants from outside after PAL’s retired workers did not join the two companies.

Over the weekend, PALEA urged management to delay the spin off/outsourcing until such time that the court rules on the union’s petition for certiorari and to absorb them into the workforce anew.

PAL rejected the offer, stressing that the airline’s non-core units have entered the operational jurisdiction of the service providers.

“If they truly want to help the company, they can start by recognising the spin off and consider working for SkyLogistics, SkyKitchen and SPi Global,” Bautista concluded.