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PATA urges travellers to stick to Thailand travel plans

PATA urges travellers to stick to Thailand travel plans

The Pacific Asia Travel Association is telling holidaymakers there is no need to change Thailand travel plans due to flooding to the north of Bangkok.

PATA head office is located in Bangkok city centre which is operating normally.

PATA Interim chief executive Bill Calderwood said earlier: “As you are aware from TV and media reports, some parts of Thailand are experiencing much heavier than usual seasonal flooding.

“However, central Bangkok and the majority of its suburban areas are functioning normally.

“All of Thailand’s airports are operating normally, including Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.

“There has been no disruption to BTS skytrain, the MRT underground and public transport systems in Bangkok.

“All Bangkok hotels and major tourism attractions are also operating normally.”

PATA argues the flood affected areas are to the provinces to the immediate north of Bangkok.

Tourism and transport activities in those areas have been heavily affected and tour operators are modifying programmes that visit or have to pass through those provinces.

Calderwood said travellers and travel industry professionals concerned about the Thai flood situation should get updated information from the dedicated website.

“The site has excellent information on the flood situation including contact numbers, transport updates, maps, news reports, tourist testimonials and more.

“I strongly recommend it as a useful resource.”

PATA Strategic Intelligence Centre said that as of October 18th it is likely that central Bangkok will avoid serious impact by the floods and that there is no need for travellers to change their Thailand travel plans.