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Paris 2024 hosts ‘Marathon Pour Tous’, Mass Event Running

Paris 2024 hosts ‘Marathon Pour Tous’, Mass Event Running

With 1,000 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, more than 3,600 runners, members of Club Paris 2024 and the Orange Running Team, took to the Champs Élysées to race against the best marathon runner in the world, Eliud Kipchoge.

Paris 2024 and Orange, an official sponsor of the “Marathon Pour Tous”, Mass Event Running, wanted to celebrate this symbolic milestone through a unique pursuit race in the heart of Paris as runners attempted to not be caught up by the reigning marathon world record holder.

This event gave the public a foretaste of the “Marathon Pour Tous”, Mass Event Running, which will be the first race in the history of the Olympic Games to be open to the general public. The race will take place in 2024 on the same day and on the same course as the mythical Olympic marathon race.

In total, 1 000 runners successfully completed the challenge of crossing the finishing line before the legendary marathon runner to secure their place for the “Marathon Pour Tous”, Mass Event Running in 2024.

In addition to the traditional 42km race for the most hardened runners, a 10km race will also be staged on the day making the unique event more accessible to a greater number of people.


A moment of sharing between runners and Eliud Kipchoge

“I experienced an unforgettable moment; I still can’t believe it. To compete with such a great athlete is a dream. I have surpassed myself to win this bib and I am already looking forward to 2024.” Paul, Club Paris 2024 member

“This is the first time I am happy to have lost! My defeat is a victory for several hundred people to whom I look forward to meeting in 2024 here in Paris.” Eliud Kipchoge

Paris 2024 is committed to sharing the Games with as many people as possible. The Club Paris 2024 will provide unique experiences throughout the year to its members by bringing the athletes closer to their supporters. Many other opportunities to win a bib for the “Marathon Pour Tous”, Mass Event Running will be unveiled soon.

“The Marathon Pour Tous”, Mass Event Running app is launched

The Club Paris 2024 will support its members in their training from now up to 2024 with advice and running inspiration. The Marathon Pour Tous, Mass Event Running app is a true companion and sports coach, offering personalised training programmes and challenges adapted to all levels and objectives, for beginners and advanced runners alike. Many more bibs to win on the App.