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Opening January 2011: Zamani Retreat Kempinski - Zanzibar

Opening January 2011: Zamani Retreat Kempinski - Zanzibar

Located in Kiwengwa, on the prestigious North East coast of Zanzibar, Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski ( will relaunch in early 2011 as Zamani Retreat Kempinski - Africa’s first holistic health retreat, and a first for Kempinski. Set to become a serious player on the global wellness scene, Zamani offers a holistic experience promoting physical, mental and spiritual health and - intrinsically - personal happiness.

Zamani, meaning ‘happiness’ in Swahili, conveys the essence of the Retreat as a tranquil place of reflection in which to attune body, mind and spirit. Overseen by a team of international health and wellness experts, Zamani Retreat Kempinski will offer an experience like no other: the potent spirituality of the African continent is harnessed in indigenous Healing therapies which are the first of their kind, offered in perfect harmony with the best of cutting edge treatments and traditional Asian philosophies.

Three ‘Houses’ will offer guests a wide variety of traditional and contemporary treatments from some of the world’s great healing traditions. The ‘House of Africa’ will treat guests using indigenous herbs and treatments reflecting the ancient curative methods which run so deep in African cultures. Treatments within the ‘House of Africa’ are drawn from the traditional Maasai medicine of East Africa and provided under the guidance of third generation Maasai healers Ole Labiki Menyaengara and Ole Sululu using medicinal plants and herbs grown on site.

The ‘House of Asia’ will feature Tibetan Herbal Medicine, using traditional remedies and products from Tibet, administered by experienced doctors of one of the world’s oldest forms of healing. Based on the five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space - Tibetan medicine is focused on maintaining a balance of all the elements, using blood pressure, eating habits and observation of sleep habits to formulate diagnoses.

The third, the ‘House of India’, will offer Ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of expert medical practitioners, and treatments will include specialised Panchakarma detox and weight management programmes. All products used in the treatments are personally created for each individual using natural products from Kerala. The ‘House of India’ programme also incorporates Ayurvedic cooking sessions and fitness and leisure activities to complement the Ayurvedic treatments.


All experiences are personalised following an initial health consultation intended to address the specific needs of the individual. Retreat programmes of three to 21 nights are also available, as are dedicated retreats for women and for executives, which incorporate learning seminars.

A truly unique aspect of the healing philosophy at Zamani Retreat Kempinski is captured in its monthly signature retreats: founded on the belief that wellness can be inspired in many different ways, intellectual and cultural stimulation will play a key role and the retreats will be hosted by icons from worlds as diverse as sport and entertainment and as well as wellness in its monthly Signature Retreats.

Kicking off with some of the world’s leading international lifestyle consultants and gurus, December 2010 - January 2011 will feature ‘breathing master’ Dominique Lonchant (whose past clients include Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley and Ursula Andress), celebrated personal fitness trainer, Bryan Hoare; and internationally renowned Psychic Bedouin Healer, Dorit Dowling.

Zamani Retreat Kempinski offers a range of dining options, overseen by executive chef Alain Wichert who has over 25 years worldwide experience, including 10 years focused on health retreats. Alain’s dishes feature minimal use of salt, sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol, relying on the best ingredients and clever use of herbs and spices to create mouthwatering dishes.

Signature restaurant ‘The Spice Market’ places emphasis on traditional authentic global cuisine with a contemporary healing twist, while Tri Dosha offers Ayurvedic fusion cuisine featuring vegetarian and vegan dishes against a backdrop of stunning sea views.

Located on the jetty above the Indian Ocean, Amani is a laid-back lounge offering tapas-meze dishes inspired by Africa, Arabia, India and Malaysia. Barefoot beach and poolside dining options are also available, while cooking school and demonstration kitchen Studio Zamani offers visitors the opportunity to discover a variety of nutrition philosophies in a hands-on environment.

Sustainability will also form an essential core of the Zamani experience. Community involvement will play a key role in the retreat’s approach and its operating ethos will support the community via integration and education. Guests will be able to sample locally grown fruits and vegetables from the organic gardens and experience the unique and vibrant local culture with excursions, personal exchanges, musical performances, art lectures and dance all organised by the retreat.

Zamani Retreat’s policy of experiencing a ‘clean break’ will ensure a serene environment. Only guests of 16 years and upwards will be welcome and with the exception of organic wines after 6pm, no alcohol will be served at any time. The cuisine will be based on fruits, vegetables, seafood and white meats with no red meats served. Smoking will be restricted to limited areas and although televisions will be available upon request, no mobile phones, PDA’s or laptops will be allowed outside of the rooms and suites.

General manager Christian Kurmann comments ‘In 2008 I was diagnosed with a severe malignant brain tumour and retreated to a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan for 16 weeks. Having taken part in ancient Buddhist rituals and undergone a profound spiritual and healing experience, I was inspired to develop the means to touch and inspire others’.