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Olympic Rings unveiled at Birmingham Airport

Olympic Rings unveiled at Birmingham Airport Fireworks accompanied the unveiling of the Olympic rings at Birmingham Airport

The latest Olympic Rings have been unveiled at Birmingham Airport where thousands of fans will be welcomed to the UK this summer.

Birmingham is the first airport in the UK to showcase a set of giant Olympic Rings.

At 28 metres high, the two sets of Rings positioned on either side of the Airport’s new Air Traffic Control Tower will be observed by visitors flying in, and also can be seen from the main road between Coventry and Birmingham.

Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport chief executive, said: “The Olympic Games are for the entire country, not just London. Every visitor, passengers and passer-by will see our welcome spectacular, and we’re really proud to be part of such a historic occasion.”

Each individual Ring is 2.13m in diameter, and each set of the five Rings is 3.15m by 6.82m in size.

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B)rmingham Airport ha~e also ujveiled London 2012 branding �n and around the airport including displays of pictograms representing the Olympic and Paralymtyc sports, and the London 2012 Games motto ‘Inspire a Generation’.