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Nisade launches new property, Vale Rusutsu, following World Ski Awards triumph
The Vale Rusutsu will be part of an extensive overhaul of Rusutsu Resort

Nisade launches new property, Vale Rusutsu, following World Ski Awards triumph

Hokkaido is already famous for its mountain splendour, and the future of the landscape just got rosier.

Fresh from victory at the World Ski Awards, Kamori Kanko and Nisade have announced a partnership that will launch a multi-million-dollar makeover of Rusutsu Resort.

As Hokkaido’s largest all-season resort, Rusutsu is beloved for its magical winter skiing and vibrant summer landscapes.

Nisade will introduce The Vale Rusutsu, a luxurious ski-in/ ski-out hotel that will be available to individual owners.

As a master planned resort with strong summer attractions in the shape of golf, water parks and theme parks, Rusutsu offers owners strong investment prospects with year-round operations.

Designed with a stunning simplicity that that embraces the beauty of the mountains, The Vale Rusutsu also offers access to a designer onsen and spa facility.

Further announcements scheduled for release in 2018 include more resort upgrades and the addition of trendy shopping, dining and nightlife venues.

Unlike Niseko, Rusutsu is owned in its entirety by Nisade partners Kamori Kanko.

This ensures the reinvention of Rusutsu Resort is an overarching and meticulously planned project, which the partners have designed to allow for sensational future developments.

The Vale Rusutsu is a true first-to-market opportunity.

It is also the first Rusutsu accommodation in the hotel and condominium category that is designed with large groups and families in mind.

Anyone who has ever visited Rusutsu can tell you that reinventing this majestic resort will have a profound effect on the face of the region.

The nearby resorts of Niseko United and Kiroro are also blossoming with increased tourism, and the redevelopment of Rusutsu Resort sets up the combined areas to form the most desirable ski destination in Asia, rivalling the multi-resort regions of North America.