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Newly released e-version tourism book “Come Closer” offers additional chapters

Newly released e-version tourism book “Come Closer” offers additional chapters

“When Anita Mendiratta speaks about tourism, CEOs and tourism ministers listen,” said Richard Quest, CNN International.

In direct response to requests from the academic community and e-reader consumers worldwide, “Come Closer: How Tourism is Shaping the Future of Nations,” authored by international tourism sector consultant, Anita Mendiratta, which was first published in hardcover in 2011 and quickly earned global accolades, including a nomination for 2011 Financial Times Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award, is now available worldwide in e-book version.

The e-version of “Come Closer” includes three additional chapters, providing further invaluable strategic and practical direction to tourism business and government leaders in today’s times of dramatic change economically, politically, and socially.

2012, a year in which 1 billion travelers will cross international borders, also marks the 10th anniversary of Mendiratta’s strategic consulting business, Cachet Consulting. At the helm, Mendiratta acts as an advisor to tourism ministries and corporations across the world.

Hannah Messerli, Private Sector Development/Tourism of the Africa Region for The World Bank Group, describes Anita Mendiratta as someone who “tackles the richness and complexity of tourism simply - but not simplistically.” Messerli goes on to say “Mendiratta captures both the essence and the opportunities of tourism in a readable, yet thought-provoking manner relevant to business operators and government decision makers alike. ‘Come Closer,’ in its multi-dimensional and engaging approach, compels readers to think differently and gain strategic insights crucial for moving the travel and tourism sector forward.”


The first edition of “Come Closer” fast became a trusted reference book for tourism thought leaders soon after release, covering topics from the role of government, diplomacy, and tourism investment to destination branding, media, tourism safety, and green tourism. The book incorporated contributions from various leaders in tourism, such as the UNWTO, the WTTC, The Travel Corporation, CNN International, and a number of international tourism boards and marketing authorities.

Directed at tourism business and government leaders, Come Closer is now part of New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies required course reading for the graduate school. As expressed by Edward Bergman and Sharon Roling, Co-lecturers of the class, Emerging Issues in International Tourism, at New York University School of Professional and Continuing Studies: “With a combination of insights on how to build an effective global tourism strategy, a gift for telling stories on how tourism directly changes lives, and practical recommendations for seasoned and young professionals to lead the change, Anita Mendiratta has given us an invaluable handbook on global tourism.”