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New Sun Care campaign for Rail Workers

Around 2,000 posters and 20,000 leaflets have been sent to 200 depots and site offices across the country encouraging employees to think about using sun protection as the summer months approach.

The creative shows graphic images of moles which are cancerous and encourages people to visit their doctor if they notice any change to the colour, shape or size of any moles on their skin.

Steve Featherstone, director of maintenance for Network Rail said: “With so many of our people working outdoors for many hours, it’s important they make sure they protect themselves during the summer months by using an SPF spray or cream, lightweight protective clothing and regularly checking their skin.

“We know that in the past using sun protection has been thought of as soft, but through our work with our supported charity Cancer Research, we know that simple things such as using an SPF cream and checking regularly for any changes to your skin can be a life saver – there’s nothing soft about that. We hope the campaign will prove to be a help in keeping our workforce fit and healthy for years to come.”