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New iPhone app spices up online travel reviews and blog posts

New iPhone app spices up online travel reviews and blog posts

Pixengo, an innovative new iPhone App, is allowing users to add thoughts and emotions to still images by fusing them with 30 second sound bites. This means travellers can spice up their online reviews and blog posts and bring them to life by letting their photos do the talking!

Record your own voice, tell a funny story or describe the feelings of a positive (or nightmarish!) moment of your trip – then share with the world.

Anyone can write an online travel blog, review or diary and thousands do, providing candid, up-to-the-moment and on-the-spot reports as they journey across the world. Pixengo is a new medium that brings a whole other dimension to sharing travel experiences.

Using Pixengo, you can:

Add the emotion of sound to places you visit
Tell great stories about your favourite photos
Share the full travel experience – not just the visuals
Create talking photo diaries on the road
Add vocal praise or criticism to elements of your trip
Share what you’re doing in real time, with your own voice or ambient sounds
Pixengo is also great for businesses that want to advertise their trips. Ginger Aarons, Director of Time Travel Tours, says: “Having the ability to share pictures of our tours and adding a voice to tell our story is incredibly moving for the participant and for us as a business. Telling stories is what it’s all about when creating a sense of place in a global marketplace.”