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Luxury Link releases 2010 consumer survey results

Luxury Link releases 2010 consumer survey results

Wanderlust is alive and well after nearly two years of daycations, staycations or nocations. Luxury Link, the leader in online luxury travel, released the results of a survey it conducted of more than 6,000 U.S. consumers who subscribe to their exclusive newsletter. While many industries are still learning how to spin the impact of the recession into a positive, Luxury Link had unprecedented growth in 2009. One reason for its success has been the company’s willingness to listen to customer suggestions. With a repeat guest rate of more than 50%, it is no surprise that nearly 60% of Luxury Link respondents took at least 3 vacations in 2009, while 84% of those plan to travel just as much, if not more, in 2010.

Luxury Link released the results of its consumer survey comprised of 6,226 respondents from its proprietary database of subscribers. Respondents were asked to report how many vacations they took in 2009 which generated the following results:

  * 60.1% of those surveyed traveled more than 3 times in the past year.

  * Economic conditions have not discouraged travelers from vacationing more in the coming year. Almost 64% planned to travel more in 2010 as compared to last year.

  * With the projected increase in travel for 2010, Luxury Link asked respondents with whom they most frequently traveled and overwhelmingly, 86% of those surveyed traveled most frequently with their spouse or partner.


  * Only a very small percentage ( < 3%) reported a preference for traveling alone.

With wanderlust on the rise, the desire to escape and explore the furthest reaches of the globe has grown as quickly as the need for amazing travel deals. For 2010, respondents chose the top 3 destinations to visit in the world:

  1. South Pacific (31%)

  2. Mainland Asia (26.5%)

  3. Western Europe (25.9%)

Some of the most requested destinations in the South Pacific included Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Tahiti. Respondents are overwhelmingly independent and self-sufficient, with nearly 75% of consumers choosing to independently book their vacation plans. As an indicator of the growing preference for Luxury Link’s hotel selections, among respondents who have used Luxury Link in the past, the best quality about the site is the properties offered—a testament to Luxury Link’s commitment to selecting only the highest quality luxury hotels and resorts for inclusion.

A majority of Luxury Link respondents also have children (56.3%) and nearly 45% traveled with children in the last year which further confirmed the need for the development of Luxury Link’s new family-friendly site, Set to launch this month, has selected the best-valued family travel packages—complete with activities and attractions for any age.

“The reason our business has done so well in 2009 is a combination of consumers seeking greater travel values, the upgrades made to our site to make booking even easier, and the addition of nearly twice the number of offers available than the prior year,” says Drew Marich, CEO of Luxury Link, on the growing appeal of the site. “Luxury Link represents an incomparable value for our customers. We have added 23% more properties to the site. Put simply, we have quality packages at some of the best hotels in the world at prices that cannot be beaten.”