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New figures show UK visitors to Australia keep going back

New figures show UK visitors to Australia keep going back

New figures released today show that the Brits’ love for Australia is as strong as ever, as 50% of holiday makers to Australia have been before – a boomerang effect that suggests the myth of Australia being a once in a lifetime experience doesn’t ring true.

A whopping 62% of UK leisure visitors to Australia are return visitors, of which 40% are on holiday and 60% are visiting friends or relatives.  Clearly the close cultural ties the UK has with Australia are still strong and Australia doesn’t disappoint on arrival.

Rodney Harrex, Tourism Australia’s Regional General Manager for the UK & Northern Europe, wants to encourage Brits who haven’t been before to make this the year they travel.  He comments, “These figures show that when Brits get to Australia they’re not disappointed – it’s a really positive sign that Sydney harbour, the Great Barrier Reef - all of the places you’ve heard about and hundreds that you haven’t - live up to and often surpass expectations.  My message is – what are you waiting for?  There’s a cliché that a visit to Australia is a once in a lifetime trip but these figures show that’s not true in reality – Australia is somewhere British holiday makers keep going back to.”

With Australia playing host to a number of world class events including the British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour to Australia in June 2013 (which only comes round once every 12 years) and another Ashes tour at the end of next year, there are plenty of reasons to start planning a trip. 

Tony Carty, Managing Director of Travelbag added: “This is a really positive sign for Australia and our stores see many customers that have repeat booked holidays out there. For those who have been before, it’s about getting off the beaten track and discovering a new side to Australia – with such a large country to work your way around, there’s no limit to the options.  As an Australia specialist, our job is to make planning a trip achievable and help tailor an itinerary to our customers’ needs.  Events like Australia Day on 26 January, the British & Irish Lions Tour and Sydney New Year’s Eve are coming up in store enquiries so our job is to use those events to trigger bookings – clearly the flight is worth it!”


A wealth of new tourism products are helping to ensure returning Brits have plenty of fresh experiences to choose from.  In the last six months since March 2012 more than 75 new hotels and boutique properties have launched, alongside more than 100 restaurants, bars and cafes and over 85 new tours.