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New Book from Award-Winning CEO Receives Critical Acclaim

New Book from Award-Winning CEO Receives Critical Acclaim

Waterside Productions is pleased to announce the publication of A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation by founder and CEO of lebua Hotels and Resorts, and award-winning entrepreneur Deepak Ohri.
Credited with elevating luxury hospitality in the Asian Pacific, Ohri is an innovator who has fought against cultural stereotyping and overcame his own failures in order to launch dozens of successful restaurants and bars, including one of the most famous and highest rooftop restaurants in the world – the Sirocco at the lebua at State Tower Hotel in Bangkok.
Doug Gollan wrote of A Bridge Not Too Far in his recent article in Forbes that “in addition to sharing pearls of wisdom, it brings the reader inside for a self-critical and candid look at the ups and downs of the author, Deepak Ohri, who, while you may not know his name, you likely enjoyed some of the innovations he has popularized.”

In addition, marketing legend, Dr. Phillip Kotler, put the book on his list of recommended reading and Brett Tollman, the CEO of The Travel Corporation, called it “a must-read for those who aspire to be innovative thinkers.”

A Bridge Not Too Far follows Ohri from his childhood home - a modest, one-room flat in a lower middle-class area of New Delhi — to current day, exploring how those humble beginnings fueled his inventive entrepreneurial spirit and informed his human-centered approach to business and life. Ohri shares tidbits of advice and inspiration along with interesting anecdotes such as how he negotiated a unique marketing deal with the producers of Hangover II when they approached him about filming at lebua.

Under Ohri’s leadership Iebua, a global collection of five-star hotels and fine restaurants in Thailand, New Zealand, and India, has been named the World’s Leading All-Suite Hotel by World Travel Awards, and is rated within the top 1 percent of companies in the world for customer satisfaction. Iebua recently celebrated the fact that their restaurants in Bangkok, Mezzaluna and Chef’s Table, retained their two-star rating in the latest Michelin Star Revelation Thailand.

“Deepak is an inspirational leader. A Bridge Not Too Far will inspire many around the world to challenge the boundaries of success in business and life.”—Graham Cooke ― President and Founder, World Travel Awards


Ohri also serves as Executive in Residence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, at Florida International University.

In a world where profit is often placed over people, Ohri is committed to compassion, care, and creating powerful emotional connections that can last a lifetime.