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MTA Long Island Rail Road & Metro-North Railroad Unveil “Pledge to Customers”

MTA Metro-North Railroad President Howard Permut and MTA Long Island Rail Road President Helena E. Williams presented a formal “Pledge to Customers” at the MTA Railroad Committee meeting today promising to provide safe and reliable service and putting it in writing for the first time.

Each railroad’s Pledge promises a safe, reliable ride; accurate and timely information; courteous employees and a clean transit environment. The Pledge also tells customers what they can expect from the LIRR and Metro-North in the event of a service disruption, making clear the steps that will be taken to provide alternative transportation, maintain customer comfort and ensure that communications with customers remains a top priority. Metro-North and the LIRR also pledge to waive the $10 refund processing fee when a service suspension is posted on the MTA website.

In developing the Pledge to Customers, the LIRR and Metro-North worked closely with the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council and the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council. Both railroads will be distributing copies of their Pledge on trains and at stations in the form of   posters and on-seat fliers in the coming weeks. The text of each Pledge is as follows:

LIRR President Helena Williams said: “Our customers deserve to know what to expect from us when they ride the LIRR. This Pledge lays out our goals to provide safe, reliable and customer friendly service every time as well as what to anticipate when there is a disruption.”

Metro-North President Howard Permut said: “Metro-North worked closely with its partners on the commuter councils in New York and Connecticut and the Connecticut Department of Transportation to codify what has been our long-standing commitment to safety, reliability and excellent customer service.”


Connecticut Commissioner of Transportation James P. Redeker said: “Our customers deserve a pledge like this so that they can hold us to certain standards in service and satisfaction. The fact that it’s in writing for the first time makes it even more significant and I applaud Metro-North for taking this step. Good service is important, but customer communication is critical. Our job now will be to put this document into action and live up to the pledge.”

Mark Epstein, chairman of the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council said, “This public acknowledgement of the Railroad’s responsibilities to riders is an important step.  Our Council is pleased to have been consulted by the LIRR in developing these principles. We look forward to the publication and implementation of this Pledge and seeing its results reflected in the riders’ daily experience.”

David Buchwald, chairman of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council said, “The Pledge provides the first thorough and compact set of standards so that riders know what service they have a right to expect. We commend Metro-North for committing to post the Pledge throughout its system and working with our Council to develop and clarify these principles.”