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Monarch Airlines £21,000 payout to EUclaim clients

Monarch Airlines £21,000 payout to EUclaim clients

Consumer Champion EUclaim, the specialist consumer rights Company, is delighted to announce that including a substantial £21,000 payout by Monarch airlines, it has already secured justice for over 200 passengers in the UK, and recovered £100,000 since entering into a partnership with Manchester based Bott & Co just 50 days ago. A staggering 3,797 claims and a potential £1.4 million are already in the pipeline for UK airline passengers affected by delayed or cancelled flights..

Under the European Union Regulation 261/2004, which came into effect in February 2005, passengers whose flights have been delayed for more than three hours may be entitled to up to €600 compensation. EUclaim recognised very quickly that this legal obligation to passengers simply isn’t being met by airlines or the Civil Aviation Authority. This means that an alternative route to justice is more vital than ever.

EUclaim have access to detailed data on every flight in the world, stretching back for years. This, coupled with Bott & Co’s in-depth legal and consumer rights knowledge in the UK, ensures it is the only reliable way for mistreated passengers affected by EU Regulation 261/2004 in the UK to get compensation.

Hendrik Noorderhaven CEO of EUclaim, said:
“The huge successes we have achieved for our clients show how airlines are quite simply obstructing their customers’ rights to justice. The fact that most of our clients approached us after failing to get anywhere with either the airlines or the CAA clearly illustrates how they are failing to legally reimburse passengers what they are owed. Our achievements prove that we alone have the best knowledge of how to battle the airlines for justice in the UK.”