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Miracle of Sakura treatment launches at The Okura Spa

Miracle of Sakura treatment launches at The Okura Spa

As the annual Sakura cherry blossom takes place in Japan you too can experience the wonders of this beautiful flower with the 75-minute Miracle of Sakura treatment at The Okura Spa.

The Sakura flower has great symbolism in Japan where cherry blossoms are likened to clouds as they bloom en masse across the country each year.

Celebrated with picnics under the blossoms, a practice known as ‘hanami’, the flowers are also associated with the ephemeral or transient nature of life, reminding us to seize our opportunities and to enjoy what nature has to offer. 

Nowhere is that better encapsulated than in The Miracle of Sakura treatment currently available at The Okura Spa.

The treatment begins with the gentle Sakura body scrub, which exfoliates the skin and makes it feel soft and supple.


It also helps to protect because Sakura is rich in antioxidants that strengthen the body’s ability to fight against oxidative damage.

The second part of the Miracle of Sakura treatment is a back, neck and shoulder massage using Sakura massage oil.

Guaranteed to ease stress and revive tired muscles, the massage leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.