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Middle East Tunnel Megaprojects to be Discussed in Abu Dhabi

Middle East Tunnel Megaprojects to be Discussed in Abu Dhabi

Governments across the MENA region are still continuing to invest in infrastructure megaprojects, which are designed to meet the requirements of their increasing populations. It is clear that Abu Dhabi is still leading the way in this development with the flagship Al Salam street project nearing completion and its metro project soon to come online. Although the value of the metro project has not yet been defined, it is expected to be one of the largest metro projects in the world.

The Al Salam street project will be discussed in full during a presentation at the 2nd annual Tunnels & Underground Construction Middle East summit by Engineer Abdullah S. Al Shamsi, Executive Director of Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector, Abu Dhabi Municipality. Engineer Al Shamsi will be representing the Abu Dhabi Municipality are patrons of the Tunnels & Underground Construction summit their patronage for the second year in a row.

Taking place between the 13-16 May 2011 in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Municipality will be joined by senior government figures from Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to discuss some of the region’s most ambitious infrastructure projects.

For the first time, the event will also be held with the full support of the International Tunnelling Association, making this the only dedicated event for the tunneling industry in the region that is supported by the local government as well as by the international community.