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Marriott Moments expanded to help guests find local experiences

Marriott Moments expanded to help guests find local experiences

Marriott is rolling out local-area expert recommendations, bespoke categories, and hand-curated lists of things to do on the substantially expanded Marriott Moments to help all travellers and locals discover experiences that speak to their passions.

This summer, Marriott has tapped into the company’s global network of thousands of local-area experts including its hotel associates, as well as global partners and celebrities
to recommend their favourite sites to see and must-do activities.

Throughout Marriott Moments, expert recommendations from hotel general managers, chefs and mixologists, luminary partners chefs Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert and Stephanie Izard, as well as actress Lea Michele, freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy and sports broadcaster Michele Tafoya will be featured, with more local area expertise from Marriott hotel associates to be added regularly.

As a complement to the recommendations, Marriott Moments will offer bespoke categories based on passion points, types of travel companions, and personality traits including “Pop-Culture Vulture,” “Exhaust Your Kids and Be the Family Hero,” and “Young, Broke & Fabulous.”

All recommendations and categories will feature hand-curated lists of the best things to do from around the world, available for purchase with any major credit card.

Additionally, as an answer to the age-old question “what should we do now,” Marriott has brought the ability to find and book experiences to Facebook Messenger.


Now, in addition to visiting the website directly, anyone can chat with Marriott Rewards or SPG on Facebook Messenger to get location-based recommendations of close-by Marriott Moments they can purchase on their phone.

“Travel is made up of the places you stay, the activities you do, and the people you meet.

“With 6,500 hotels located around the world, Marriott is now helping travellers get more out of their trips,” said Stephanie Linnartz, global chief commercial officer, Marriott International.

“Now, with the expansion of Marriott Moments to everyone, whether they are a guest of ours or not, we are building a global culture of adventure seekers who can pursue their passions.”

Further personalising travel experiences, Marriott Moments has added several new partnerships, including a partnership with Eatwith, an online community to find and book culinary experiences with locals in 130+ countries.

From an elegant dinner party in a New York loft, to an authentic feast with a Roman family, to a gourmet pastry class in Paris, Eatwith’s experiences with hand-selected hosts are bringing people together through food and enabling travellers to immerse themselves in local cultures.