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Maradiva Villas Resort welcomes Ruffo to Artist in Residence programme

Maradiva Villas Resort welcomes Ruffo to Artist in Residence programme

For the fifth edition its Artist in Residence programme, Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa welcomed renowned Italian creator Pietro Ruffo.

He offered an invigorating exposition with a fascinating collection of art pieces to pay homage to the history of Mauritius.

The artist, through an intensive research, produced a series of portraits of the island by representing different narratives, layers of thoughts and ideas that converge simultaneously, evoking his perspective on one of the most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural land.

Some of the paintings featured cut-outs of dragonflies which symbolises freedom through independence.

The uniqueness of his technique is painting with a bold point pen on paper superimposed on a piece of cloth to age well.


As per the tradition, the proceeds of the first artwork sold will be donated to the charitable the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disability.

Those who could not make it to the event, the artworks of Ruffo can be seen at Maradiva Art Gallery.

Maradiva – recently recognised as the World’s Leading Luxury Villa Beach Resort by voters at the World Travel Awards - offered thanks to the Basu Foundation for the Arts and the Mauritius Promotion Tourism Authority for their contribution in the project.