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Madeira defends top title at World Travel Awards
Madeira was honoured at the World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony, this year hosted by Greek capital Athens

Madeira defends top title at World Travel Awards

The island of Madeira has once again been named Europe’s Leading Island Destination by the World Travel Awards.

This accolade makes it the fifth time that the Portuguese territory, located in the Atlantic, has been recognised with this title.

Following these victories, the Madeira Promotion Bureau is launching the #MadeiraNoWordsNeeded campaign.

“The number of times Madeira has been distinguished with this prize leads us to conclude that words are not necessary, as the awards speak for themselves,” says Roberto Santa Clara, executive director of the Madeira Promotion Bureau.

“This campaign will be almost exclusively digital and aims to celebrate the island’s fifth year of being named the Best Island in Europe.”

On the same latitude as Morocco, and with some of the most striking landscapes in Europe, akin to far-flung destinations such as Brazil, the Atlantic archipelago has a sub-tropical climate and dramatic mountainous terrain.

Madeira has a unique eco-system and is one of the few places where banana trees grow next to vineyards.

In 1999 the archipelago was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and five areas have been declared nature reserves.

The diverse and beautiful landscape invites nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike to experience a multitude of activities including hiking, canyoning, trail-running through the mountains, scuba diving and rock climbing.