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Lotte Hotel Moscow Is now open

Lotte Hotel Moscow Is now open

On June 15, 2010 Lotte Hotel Moscow held an official reception on the occasion of construction works completion for South Korean Lotte Group second project in Russia. Mr Shin Dong Bin, Vice Chairman of Lotte Group, announced the company’s strategic plans to launch five-six hotels in Russia. Lotte Hotel Moscow will work in soft opening mode, while in autumn 2010 it will enter into full operation for the guests and the media.

Despite global economic recession and rough competition on Moscow hospitality market, South Korean Lotte Hotels&Resorts chain launched a brand able to lay the ground to a principally new service level and management methods for upper-upscale segment property. One of Lotte Hotel Moscow core peculiarities lies in its origin. For Moscow, this will be the first Asian initiative to build and operate an inn belonging to a world famous company with over thirty year experience in travel and tourism business. ‘It is not just that we offer merely a luxurious hotel, which is nothing extraordinary for Moscow, we introduce a completely new product aged on European traditions but based on Eastern hospitality principles. We have tried to take best from both of the worlds and route a new hospitality niche, superior to custom five-star level,’ comments Arie Aizenshtat, General Manager of Lotte Hotel Moscow.

The hotel is located in the center of Moscow, in Novinskiy Boulevard, inhabited by representatives of highborn or wealthy clans since the 19th century. Even at the start of a new millennium there were almost no lodgings – the majority of building were mansions reserving old Moscow look. Nowadays, Novinskiy Boulevard represents business and tourism center, with offices, embassies, banks, restaurants, cafes and bars, cinemas and shopping malls. In the closest proximity to the hotel, de luxe Lotte Plaza trade and business center constitute the second Lotte Group’s enterprise in Russian capital.

Lotte Hotel Moscow offers the guests 266 rooms and 38 suites designed by world-renowned interior creators Hirsch & Bedner Associates and Wilson & Associates. The minimum square of standard rooms is 42 meters, which advantageously distinguishes them from this room category in other hotels. Beige and brown colors of the guest rooms create a feeling of space and comfort. Each room is equipped with a horizontal safe, mini bar and a special touch panel with management functions for lightning, temperature, TV and radio. The gadget also works as hotel navigator, shows weather forecast, region and metro map, ensures prompt connection with hotel staff and a Do Not Disturb sign. The hotel’s unprecedented offer will be a 490 sq.m. Royal Suite consisting of 13 rooms divided into two groups: public and private. Royal Suites in Lotte Hotel Seoul were not once visited by heads of states, representatives of monarchist families and CEOs of international companies. A new type of suites in Moscow will display a new concept of luxury based on exquisite interiors and irreproachable service.

In terms of leisure and entertainment facilities, Lotte Hotel Moscow also sticks to the principle of uniting best international brands respected for their highest quality. ‘Our target was to find and attract to cooperation leading specialists sharing our values and ambition to create new understanding of quality and service. Besides, we aim to once again emphasize advantage of the hotel’s Asian routes in a blend with international hospitality standards traced in interior solutions, variety of cuisines, high technology and spa menu. None of Moscow hotels can boast that.’ Arie Aizenshtat and Dr Song Yong-Dok, Executive Managing Director, are sure that Lotte Hotel Moscow will mark a new de luxe niche on Moscow hotel market.


For the first time in Moscow, Lotte Hotel will feature the opening of Les Menus restaurant by a three Michelin star chef Pierre Gagnaire. The uniqueness of the cuisine is based on a blend of recipes classic to the region of the restaurant location and innovative techniques created by the French master. Thus, none of Pierre Gagnaire’s new enterprises is similar to the others, with its own rhythm and character. Nowadays, the cuisine of the famous maestro can be tasted worldwide, in Las Vegas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Courchevel, London and Tokyo.

Variety of Japanese cuisine is presented by the menu of MEGU restaurant from New York. Unlike Les Menus, there is no star chef here; culinary masterpieces are created by a professional team that underlines authentic origin and quality of the ingredients. Unique cooking technology using particular charcoal, seven exclusive Japanese sakes, interior solutions uniting classic tendencies and modern trends, these are just a few MEGU specialties. Awarded by Wine Spectator Magazine twice, bearing ‘Rolex among restaurants’ title by Fortune, the restaurant is popular among American beau monde for eclectics traced both in the interior and menu.

Another novelty of Lotte Hotel Moscow is its Mandara Spa, a brand numbering over 70 centers located worldwide in international hotels and resorts in twelve regions of the globe. The service range covers more than 300 therapies, each reflecting aesthetics and uniqueness of Bali, and considers traditional local treatments. The staff comprises both Russian and Balinese specialists who underwent trainings in Mandara Spa head office. Guests used to staying fit while traveling will be able to use a most spacious fitness center and a twenty meter long swimming pool.

Lotte Hotel Moscow takes into full account needs and requirements of businessmen. Apart from a business center and Club Floor equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the hotel offers six banquet and conference halls to accommodate any reception, from private gatherings to large international events. The space is designed in accordance with business services in Seoul. Due to advanced hi-tech aspect, Lotte Hotel Seoul served as venue for RATA conferences, IBRD and IMF annual meetings, as well as Asian Games in 1986.

With overall investment equal to several hundred million dollars, it is the most ambitious property among Moscow hotels. This is reflected in high quality materials and ultra-modern infrastructure, multifunctionality and refinement of the new-born hotel. The international Lotte Hotel Moscow as the symbol of Korean hospitality and Asian approach to luxury and comfort will offer service that Moscow has never seen before.