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Lloyd’s Register awarded safety-oversight role on new Aarhus Light Rail project

Lloyd’s Register awarded safety-oversight role on new Aarhus Light Rail project

Lloyd’s Register EMEA has been appointed as the independent safety assessor (ISA) for the new light-rail system approved for the city of Aarhus and surrounding districts.

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and is situated at the centre of the east Jutland region that has experienced a steadily rising population following a period of sustained economic growth which has more than doubled the number of journeys between Aarhus and its surrounding communities in recent years.

Some 40,000 employees or students now travel to the city each day, imposing considerable strain on its transport infrastructure.

While the project will present some unique challenges, Project Manager Mark Dodsworth, said that bringing Lloyd’s Register onboard during its early planning stages will pay dividends in the long run.

“Delivering a seamless new system by integrating new track with existing lines presents a range of risks from the safety perspective. The introduction new rolling stock, a new control centre, new power supplies and remodelling of existing infrastructure such as level crossings and station platforms, means there are a number of different projects and technical disciplines to keep abreast of,” said Dodsworth. “Joining the project from the outset means we can provide advice and guidance at an earlier stage, which will help us to gain efficiencies and prevent costly amendments and delays later on.”


The new system is viewed as essential to supporting the region’s continued prosperity, providing regular services between the city centre and its growing residential neighbourhoods. It will serve a number of important local developments such as the harbour area and the expanded University Hospital in Skejby.

It requires the construction of a 12-kilometre light rail track through the city centre, which will connect to regional lines extending to Odder, in the south, and to Grenaa to the northeast.

Up to 12 trains per hour will operate along its busiest central section using a mix of light rail and ‘tram trains’ rolling stock that can operate on both diesel and electric power, the latter it will receive from overhead wires when passing through the city. Speeds will be specified for 70 km/h and 100 km/h.

Lloyd’s Register’s duties will include safety assessments and audits of the plans, processes and documentation required throughout the design, manufacture, installation, testing and trial operations. With no equivalent Danish standards in force, the work will be based on the German BoStrab light rail regulations.

As the ISA, Lloyd’s Register’s responsibilities will extend across the system itself and the various suppliers who could impact on overall safety performance.

Lloyd’s Register’s appointment to the Aarhus project team adds to its growing presence in the Danish rail market, having also been appointed as the ISA for the scheme to migrate the entire Danish rail network to ERTMS operation and control—the largest signalling-replacement project in European history. That project is due for completion in 2020.