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Lehrieder in Germany now Green Globe certified

Lehrieder in Germany now Green Globe certified

“You can easily talk a lot about sustainability – or you can just act accordingly.” As the first caterer in Southern Germany and the second Germany-wide to go “green,” Lehrieder sets a clear example in sustainability management.

With the internationally-renowned Green Globe Certificate for economical, ecological, and social sustainability, the family-owned company demonstrates that it continuously improves its sustainability performance.

Dr. Nadine Lehrieder stated: “An ecological performance always encompasses the social responsibility to consider the future in your actions, not only the here and now. Responsible use of resources, partnerships with suppliers, and fair treatment of employees have always been core values for us. That’s why we want to set a positive example in the event and catering industry and had our business Green Globe certified.”

Lehrieder Catering-Party-Service aims to implement its sustainability goals in all areas of event catering. The company carefully chooses products and always prefers regional produce to avoid long transportation and interim storage, as well as supporting the local economy. In addition, most of the food Lehrieder prepares is organic, which more and more customers appreciate. In terms of coffee, Lehrieder focuses on fair trade products.

The company also uses energy-efficient technology for its events. “Light systems with low emissions for example still set effective accents and use much less energy compared to flooding a room with bright lights. Our energy mostly comes from renewable sources,” explained Rene Lehrieder.


“Sustainability does not end with a successful event,” added Rene Lehrieder, “we still care when the event is over: we sort waste in different categories - plastic, glass, metal, paper, organic material and others - and dispose it accordingly, before it is either compressed with a waste press or recycled.

“We have significantly reduced the use of throw-away dishes and replaced them with ecological dishes made out of biodegradable bamboo or palm tree leaves, which is more interesting and appealing to guests.”

Lehrieder is aware of its pioneer status in Germany and hopes that many other businesses will join forces: “As a caterer we have the responsibility and the opportunity to raise awareness about sustainability among large groups of people at our events. Our business strategy focuses on high-quality and sustainable services, which people will not forget. Delicious organic food combined with responsible use of natural resources is the best service we can offer to our clients and guests – and that is the only way to inspire change and achieve more responsible attitudes towards our precious resources and environment.”